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Would you like to know how to use hashtags to maximize your Instagram follower’s growth!

Would you like to grow your Instagram account to 10k and above? And get spotted and seen by others in your niche?

This is for you if –

  • You want to learn how to double you Instagram follower’s growth
  • You want to get seen in new area’s by people with the same interests as you
  • You want new clients coming to you because they spotted you in the hashtag areas, not just any old hashtag area, the TOP hashtag areas
  • You want to become more visible, so everyone knows who you are
  • You are done with being confused on how to use hashtags and want to know the best strategy going forward, so you can use it for life
  • You just want to learn more about hashtags altogether and understand how to use them in your marketing.

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Who is Emma

Emma L Wilson is an Instagram Strategist & travel Influencer, who has worked in the online space for the last 7 years. She started really studying Instagram about 4 years ago & started coaching Instagram about a year after, she loves to travel and has been living the freedom life travelling the world, living abroad on and off since she was 17 years old.

She is also a travel host for a Multi award-winning travel company, having working in many TOP hotels around the world and dealing with many types of people, Emma is a fun, lovable person who always does her best to help others..

Emma is passionate about helping others to grow in the online space, specifically with Instagram to help them learn all she has and create an incredible life, she wants to help people live out their passions and do all they want to do in life, she wants everyone to discover the power of Instagram and hashtags to grow their online presents and get noticed and seen in all areas.

Her mission is to help others to live a joy, fun and freedom life


Laura Mazzei - Travel Blogger

Emma's guide is extremely helpful as it explains in deep details on how to use hashtags to promote your IG and grow your followers!!

It is Definitely a must!!!!!

Heather freeman smith - CEO of Banana Dance and Drama Academy

For £30 this is packed full of value. Emma gives you 5 steps over 10pages of the best ways to use hashtags to grow your account and be seen in some of the top places.

Along with about 1000 awesome #hashtags ready for you to use, this is worth so much more than £30.

I highly recommend Emma's useful insights.

Rodney Lewis – Wedding and filmmaker

I have been in business quite a while, I have a few Instagram accounts; However, I am always on the lookout to learn new things to help me grow, so when I see Emma guide pop up, I knew it wasn’t something, I could miss out on. So, brought it straight away.

This is great for anyone that is new to Instagram or anyone who has been in business a while like me.

Thanks for the great tips Emma

Toni Langley - Entrepreneur

…relatively new to Insta and no idea where to start to grow my followers. I understand Instagram’s power in marketing, and I want to use it to boost my new business venture.

I have just downloaded the guide and I am really excited to get started!

It’s simple, straightforward with easy to follow steps – looking forward to seeing my followers & business grow. Thanks, Emma!

* After payment, please ensure you click 'return to merchant' to complete registration and receive your guide!

What are you going to get –

  • A 10-page pdf hashtag guide
  • Steps to get you spotted in highest hashtag areas
  • Around 1000 hashtags for you to use, all researched and ready and waiting for you
  • 4 x ways to really maximize hashtags
  • 3 x places you can use hashtags on your Instagram page
  • And I show you how to maximize hashtags, so you show up all over social media, on every platform even in the google search, google images, goggle videos.